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In case you are one among those who have been looking for a proper solution to combine PDF files into one file, then all that you need is take help of PDF Split and Merge tool. Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is one such technologically advanced and competent tool that splits and combines PDFs in an equitable and convenient manner. In fact, it is one of those few applications that have got an excellent ability to carry out both splitting and merging procedure on PDF file(s) as and when required by the user. Another great aspect about this tool is ability to act as stand-alone software. Consequently, it doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader for performing splitting and combining functions. Perhaps, this software is definitely an apt solution to get an answer to the question "how to combine PDF files."

Key Features of Kernel for PDF Split and Merge Software
  • Split and combine PDFs without letting you waste any time
  • Alleviates management of PDF files by reorganizing PDF files
  • Possess excellent ability to split PDF file on different parameters
  • Allows individual to add folder directly to combine PDF simultaneously
  • Self explanatory user interface
  • Supports each and every PDF file for split and merge procedure

Today it won’t be wrong to consider PDF files as universal files. In fact, these PDF files are used simultaneously all around the world for saving important data safe and secure manner. It is because of this reason PDF files are very much popular amongst writers, architects, designers and other professionals. However, there are circumstances when these PDF files are too large in size to be shared online and therefore using them becomes difficult. Nevertheless, now you don’t have to worry! As now it is very much possible to combine two PDF files into one robust PDF file in just a matter of few seconds. Kernel for Split and Merge is one such application that provides an apt solution to combine PDF files. Within a matter of few minutes and in just few clicks, the software can effectively merge multiple small PDF documents and pages into a single PDF file.

Combining PDF files exercise makes them easier to handle. Therefore, it is better to combine two PDF files rather than having two small files. Moreover, Kernel for PDF Split and Merge comes with an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive interface enabling even first time users to split and merge files easily. Apart from this, with this utility it also gets lot easier for an individual to split large sized or bulky PDF files into small chunks depending on different split parameters. As a result, Kernel for PDF Spilt and Merge tool allows easy handling and management of large pages PDF file. Splitting PDF file provides you with ease of sharing particular chunk of information in large PDF files.

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool acts as a result oriented software that manages PDF files in an effective manner. The most unique attribute about this utility is it can split PDF file on various parameters including Split by Page, by Page Range, by Size (KB), by Even pages and by odd pages. Similarly in situation when user needs to combine PDF or merge PDF, user have got the option to even set the page order and select the page range from the files to get merged.

Avail the Free Evaluation Copy (Combine PDF)

You can avail the free evaluation version of Kernel for PDF Split and Merge software  to resolve the query "how to combine PDF files" or split the same as per your requirement. Download free demo version of the software, which is fully functional. Though, you need to keep in mind that the demo version of this utility displays a diagonal stamp in red color saying “Kernel for PDF Split and Merge Demo” on every page of the split or merged PDF file. So in order to overcome from this limitation and further split or combine PDF files into one without the diagonal stamp, it is important that you purchase the full version of "Kernel for PDF Split and Merge".

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